Greyhound Adoptions of Florida has directly or indirectly enabled some 5,000 former racing greyhounds to find homes where they are cherished as family members, not money-making commodities. For well over two decades we were Florida's premier greyhound rehoming organization. We were not, are not, nor will we ever be affiliated with the greyhound racing industry.

Our goal now is to educate people on the importance of companion animals in our society and work to stop animal abuse and neglect. Most especially in these gentle, graceful, magnificent dogs we know so well and love.




Beginning NOW we are selling Raffle Tickets for TWO ORIGINAL PAINTINGS: the first one is of Garlic, the first greyhound to escape the Macau Canidrome, entitled:  “Sun Rises on a New Life for Garlic”  — AND — the other painting will be of The Winner’s Choice (one dog) from a photograph. These are 10” by 8” original oils by Monica Dahl. They are spectacularly, sensitively done as the artist has also been blessed by a greyhound in her life. Garlic’s name derived from the fact that this seemed to be the only word she reacted to when her adoptive Mom, Edith Lam in Macau, came to get her. So “Garlic” she became. EDITH has an hysterical sense of humor as you can see from the squid hat photo she posted of dear Garlic for April Fool’s Day (HA HA HA).

Auction proceeds will be used to help transport the remaining 650 dogs still in Macau at the worst dog track in the world, the Canidrome, to new homes. The dogs’ first stop will likely be Europe, and there could be plans to enable adoptions in the United States. First step is to get them out of Macau and into safety.

Tickets can be purchased NOW via a check made out to GAF OR to PayPal as a donation referencing “Garlic.”  Ticket pricing is $20 for 8 tickets, $10 for 3 tickets and $5 for a single ticket. $10 is the minimum for a PayPal donation. Checks made out to GAF should be mailed to: Greyhound Adoptions of Florida, P.O. Box 955, Sparr, FL 32192-0955. Raffle ticket numbers will be assigned at Grey Haven on receipt of payment.

OR you can attend the Open House at Grey Haven on 21 April and buy your raffle tickets in person, as well as be part of our get together with friends and dogs. We’d prefer that and we’d love to see you all!

Please Join Us ...
from our Co-Founder and President, Marilyn Varnberg

Good-bye to Grey Haven is simply not the case. We may be saying good-bye to the beloved farm, but in fact, Grey Haven will live forever in the hearts and minds of everyone that has loved a dog that has passed through here. Grey Haven is a concept and a state of mind that has touched thousands of human and Greyhound hearts, and is a legacy that will endure.

Grey Haven will, as long as we live, continue to facilitate adoptions, remain a source of information and advice about Greyhounds, and will pour much more time and energy into Greyhound advocacy. We remain committed to helping end the scourge of dog racing.

Freedom's Garden will be relocated to a side of a sedate mountain in Murphy, NC. It will continue to be maintained and available even after the property is passed along. If you have any pavers, statues or paw prints that you would like to keep, just let us know and we will have them ready for you to take home.

Please join us for an open house at Grey Haven on Saturday April 21st at 11:30 AM. Your fur kids are welcome. Please bring your chairs and a blanket for the kids to lay on.If you have a muzzle, please bring it so the kids can run and play in the big field. If not, we have some extras for you to use. A food dish to share among our friends would be appreciated.

Please RSVP (Russ 352-205-6713 or Marilyn 352-812-0200). We will supply beverages (yes, beer, wine and some hard stuff also!) and will need a head count.

We will have our last chime ceremony and hope some of you will be willing to speak about your memories and possibly even add a tag to the chimes. The chimes and tags will all move to the mountain with us. You might want to consider bringing some Kleenex along for the tears.

This promises to be a very special and poignant event, so please join us. We look forward to seeing you.



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Co-Founder and President, Marilyn Varnberg


Greyhound Adoptions
of Florida, Inc.
P.O. Box 955
Sparr, FL 32192-0955
(352) 812-0200
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