Greyhound Adoptions of Florida has directly or indirectly enabled some 5,000 former racing greyhounds to find homes where they are cherished as family members, not money-making commodities. For well over two decades we were Florida's premier greyhound rehoming organization. We were not, are not, nor will we ever be affiliated with the greyhound racing industry.

Our goal now is to educate people on the importance of companion animals in our society and work to stop animal abuse and neglect. Most especially in these gentle, graceful, magnificent dogs we know so well and love.




Freedom's Garden,
Murphy, NC Garden
Memorial Wall

Many years ago we decided it was important to us that we have a memorial garden at the farm so that we could have a formal place to remember the dogs that touched our lives, whether for years or moments. Other people heard what we wanted to do and asked to be included.


In 2006, Bob and Kelly Faircloth of Greyhound Rescue and Adoptions of Tampa Bay put their heads together and planned a huge garden with a pond and a fountain. They had wonderful plans that barely got off the ground in 2006. The Florida summer heat again became unbearable and work was postponed for the year. All that we had was an arbor that was to become the entrance to the garden.

After the death of Greyhound Adoptions of Florida’s co-founder, Bob Varnberg, in March 2007, Kelly and many of our friends decided the highest tribute they could pay to Bob’s memory and the memory of so many of our beloved greyhounds was to make the memorial garden a priority.

Weekend after weekend, these amazing friends drove from all over central Florida to make “Freedom’s Garden” a reality. From an unused plot of land to a formal garden full of love and memories in a few short months was truly a labor of love.

In Spring 2013, we renovated Freedom’s Garden. The purpose was to downsize the garden and make it as maintenance-free as humanly possible, and at the same time preserve the original ambiance and message that the garden conveyed.

During the renovation, a new feature in the garden was added called "Freedom’s Chimes". All who have loved and treasured a pet are able to hang collars or tags in order to remember their beloved hounds.

This special garden continues to celebrate the spirit and story of a greyhound named Freedom and also to remember our co-founder, Bob Varnberg, who was a true hero and Greyhound advocate.


Murphy, NC Garden in step at a time from start to finish.

For the last two months Russ has worked every day in the garden area.  From a few lines on a piece of paper, the garden is beginning to "blossom". 


The entrance has been defined, the chimes are singing  quietly in the breeze, landscape timbers are beginning to define the layout of the garden path.  He's done this himself (I was fired early on when I dropped a timber on his foot).....we now remember how much we miss all of you!



Memorial Wall

Welcome to the Greyhound Adoptions of Florida memorial wall, a place where loved ones are remembered and honored.

To make a memorial donation in memory of a dog, friend or family member, visit our donation page.

  • In loving memory of our beautiful boy, "Kool", beloved by his mom, Robin London, and remembered by his foster mom, Pat Adams.
  • In loving memory of "Morrie" Kane.
  • In loving memory of "Bunny", and our condolences to his most special family, Kandi, Robert and Nick Daffin.  With love and gratitude for all you gave him from your GAF family.
  • In loving memory of Frankie Boatright, from Brenda Bertino.
  • In loving memory of "Meg", best friend of Winsome Thom, from Eileen Saks.
  • In loving memory of sweet "Syd" and in honor of his wonderful dog mother Sarah Reintjes-Tolen who will carry him in her heart forever. From, Carolyn Aaronson.
  • In loving memory of our very special "Syd", forever missed by all of us and especially his wonderful "mom", Sarah Reintjes-Tolen.
  • In loving memory of Fisher Schwenk, beloved greyhound of Beth and Pete from the entire GAF family.
  • In loving memory of our friend, John Crossland from Irene Goverts, the Asmussens, the Harrisons, the Mitchells, the McNultys, the Urbans, the Robertsons, and the Cottles.
  • In loving memory of John Crossland, who was such a big part of GAF, from Marilyn.
  • In loving memory of John Crossland from Tony and Maureen Moss.
  • In loving memory of Dragon, the most special of all greyhounds who found perfection earth with Edward and Nancy Russell.  He will live on in their hearts forever
  • In loving memory of Nora from her "friend" Katie.
  • In loving memory of Joanie, one of the three amigos ... loved always and forever by all of us here at Grey Haven. Our heartfelt condolences to the entire Certo family.
  • In loving memory of Sugar, beloved companion of Vince Chesterfield. Always loved ... always remembered.  Mary, Russ and Marilyn.
  • In memory of our dear friend and greyhound lover, Kathy Carey, from MaryEllen and Robert Dangler.
  • In loving memory of Salina, beloved companion of Jennier Drake and "sister" to Allie.  With special memories always from Russ and Marilyn.
  • In loving memory of Ben ... the luckiest greyhound ever.  Missed terribly by Valerie, Jamie, Tigger and Ziva.  From all of his friends at Grey Haven.
  • In loving memory of Kathy Carey from Ro and Darryl Narbe.
  • In loving memory of Kathy Carey, lover of life, lover of greyhounds.  She was our friend.  From all of us here at Grey Haven.
  • In loving memory of Grover Gingery.  Forever missed by Ralph and Carol, and all of us here at Grey Haven.
  • In loving memory of Delta Decker, the sweetest little girl ever! Forever missed by mom and dad (Shirley & Bob) and canine brother Joey & sister Poppet.
  • In loving memory of Downtown Schmidt, from all of us at GAF.  He will be missed by so many.
  • In loving memory of Cleo, our most precious greyhound, by mom and dad (Joe and Pat Crawley).
  • In loving memory of Jackie O'Hara, lover of greyhounds, co-founder of the Villages Greyhound Club, event co-ordinator for GAF, wonderful cook who kept us all fed at work days and best friend to all.  The void she left behind is huge.  From all of us here at GAF and the Villages Greyhound Club, with love always.
  • In loving memory of Owen Adams ... loving husband to Pat and "dad" to many very special greyhounds, from all his GAF friends.
  • In loving memory of Jerry and Maggie from Vicki and Dennis Wilson.
  • In loveing memory of one of the sweetest little Irish girls that ever lived, "Cheer Me Up", our beloved Cheery who lived a wonderful life with Susan and Jennifer.  Loved by all ... missed by all.
  • In loving memory of Briar who got her start here at Grey Haven and lived a life full of love with Valerie and Jamie.  She will be missed by many.
  • In loving memory of Gabe, who was a kind and gentle soul. Godspeed, sweet boy. With much love, Gerry & Dan.
  • In loving memory of Rose, beloved greyhound of Amy, John & Kayla, from all her friends at Grey Haven.
  • In loving memory of Sara, beloved greyhound by “mom” Lisa Gunther
  • In loving memory of Kai, beloved, most special little greyhound of Joan Carnahan. We will all miss you, baby.
  • In loving memory of Dee and Sami. Always in my heart…Joe
  • In loving memory of Holly by Ann Blackman and Jerry Mittleman
  • In loving memory of our beloved girl, the one and only, Mademoiselle Bree, love Mom & Dad
  • In loving memory of Holly Saks from Teena Rutberg
  • In loving memory of Holly Saks from the Behringer Family
  • In loving memory of our amazing Kate from Justin and Courtney Carletti
  • In memory of Bonnie Roberts, sister of Linda Merkle from Fritzie and Jan.
  • For Cody and Christy who are together again at the Bridge and remembered with love in Freedom’s Garden.
  • In loving memory of Chickie from all of us at Grey Haven.
  • In loving memory of Bree Bateman…always in our hearts….loved and remembered by so many.
  • In memory of our most special girl, Trixie Anderson. Forever in our hearts. Forever missed.
  • In memory of Colby, loved by Chelle McClure and remembered by all of his friends at Grey Haven
  • In loving memory of the best friend any greyhound could have, Mike Schmidt. He was the man who came to Grey Haven to fix anything that needed fixing, put in new signs, mend fencing, construct new kennels and love on every dog here.  The world is not the same without him.  I miss you, Mike…..Marilyn
  • In loving memory of Toby and Franklin James by Barbara Rankin
  • With love and memories…Bear Schmidt…from all of his friends at Grey Haven
  • In loving memory of our special boy, Wally. Forever in our hearts, Becky and Jimmie Crowder
  • In loving memory of Wally Crowder…missed by so many but especially by Phyllis, Mary and Marilyn.
  • In memory of Sam who was loved by Joy and Charlie. He will be missed my so many of us.
  • In Memory Of Pat (The Pat Foundation) from Rick Fredrickson
  • In loving memory of Trixie Curtis from Jeannie Ricke
  • In loving memory of Dixie, from Tara, Savannah, Lucy, Phyllis and Dad (Stephen Gregg)
  • In memory of Oscar (Speedie), and in appreciation of Jim & Pam from Andrew Huber
  • In memory of Trixie Curtis, with love from Elizabeth and Steve George
  • In memory of Dixie, loved by Tracy Gregg from Julie King
  • In memory of Huston, loved by Diane “Burpdog” Jackson from Ducky McComas
  • In memory of Sheri Mone with love from Holly Priestley – Sheri worked on a breeding farm in Florida for many years. She was responsible for introducing GAF to the joy of adopting brood moms, injured pups and old stud dogs. Her memory lives on in the generations of dogs who found the love of a family. We are forever in her debt.
  • In memory of Ringo from Debbie and Cliff Warner
  • In loving memory of Christy from Walter and Darlene Lindsay
  • In memory of Tiger Holthaus, the sweetest, gentlest, nuttiest boy I have ever had the pleasure of gracing my life from Lisa Holthaus
  • In loving memory of Bocce from Jane and Harry Price
  • In loving memory of Angus and all the wonderful dogs we have loved from Leslie Drewry
  • In memory of Barbara A. Clark from Mary, Joyce and Marilyn
  • In memory of Barbara A. Clark from Jennifer and Susan
  • In memory of Barbara A. Clark from Kelly and Mike
  • In memory of my mom, JoAn Graves, from Val, Jamie, Ziva, Briar and Tigger
  • In loving memory of my Uncle Charlie E. Morgan by Elizabeth Adams
  • In loving memory of Leo Desmarais from Michele Smith
  • In loving memory of our dear Zeva – full of spirit and fun. Always in our hearts from Shirley and Bob Decker
  • In loving memory of Bocce from Marge and John Curtis
  • In loving memory of Bocce Bellavia from those who loved him so.
  • In loving memory of Zeva Decker from Marilyn (her first mom)
  • In memory of Joan S. Graves
  • In remembrance of our sweet, always missed boys, Dascher and Dale, Love Mom Mom
  • In loving memory of Sam Noe by Rodney, Valerie and Kevin
  • In loving memory of Hope by Lisa Rockey
  • In loving memory of Hope by Jennie and Lara
  • In memory of Dorothy Roban by Sharon and Jade
  • In loving memory of Dascher Bateman by Carol Gallagher, Dascher’s Mommom
  • In memory of Dale Bateman by Tina and Dan Reger
  • In loving memory of Dale Bateman by Carol Gallagher, Dale’s Mommom
  • In memory of Dale Bateman by Julie King
  • In memory of Dale Bateman by Deb Hitchins
  • In memory of Gracie Dorwart by Maria Incudine
  • In loving memory of Daisy Boutin-Carbine
  • In memory of sweet Fiona Blackshaw-Samson
  • Never forgotten, always loved: In loving memory of Father Alan Dash … missed by his greyhound friends all over the world and by his friend, Marilyn
  • In loving memory of Regal who shared her life with us here at Grey Haven and who was loved by all of us. We will miss you so … Marilyn and all the Grey Haven kids
  • In memory of Helen Herman by George and Joanie Cohen
  • In loving memory of Joe Stylman by June White
  • In memory of Helen Herman by Valerie and Jaimie DeLisle
  • In memory of Shamu Chickos with love from Tami Orr
  • In memory of Glitter and Gator
  • In memory of my broods Dolcie, Suzie and Kami
  • In memory of our dearest Brice, 4/19/01 – 12/5/11
  • In loving memory of Willow and Captain
  • In loving memory of Maple
  • In loving memory of Deacon and Bella Certo, by Jeanine and Laurie
  • In loving memory of Sue from Susan and Glen
  • In loving memory of Mocha Nicholson from Jeff and Barbara
  • In loving memory of Tim Archibald by Bob and Jackie O’Hara Mae Lindstrom, Ted and Margaret Bigan and Greyhound Adoptions of Florida
  • In memory of Andre, by Martha Clark
  • In loving memory of Mindy (Missy Moo) Schmidt, from all her friends at Grey Haven
  • In memory of Tigger, love Amy and Ulan
  • In loving memory of Schultz
  • In loving memory of Mia
  • In loving memory of my sweet Betty Rubble, by Kelly Gerhart
  • In loving memory of Winslow, from his Mom and Dad
  • In memory of our beloved friend Ripley, by all the kids at Grey Haven
  • In loving memory of Darby, by Cheri
  • In honor of Charo and Lambchop, on behalf of the GSM team of Shire Pharmaceuticals, Wayne, PA
  • In memory of Bosley, by Molly Thayer
  • In memory of Alvin Lee Ashley, from Judith Ashley
  • In memory of Chase, from Chris Shegog
  • In memory of Chase, with love from Jennie Heenan
  • In loving memory of Bosley, from Joan Carnahan
  • In loving memory of Ruby and Bosley, by Howard Bender



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