Hurricane Irma

Grey Haven was a victim of Hurricane Irma on September 10, 2017.  The damage is extensive to trees, but thankfully ALL humans and hounds are safe!  The following timeline takes you through the days prior to and after Irma hit.

Hurricane Irma Timeline as Written by Marilyn Varnberg ...

September 7 : We have made the decision NOT to evacuate. We will ride out this one here at Grey Haven and have taken every precaution to keep humans and dogs safe. We have a generator that keeps the farm running, so if all is well, we will have power (and water!) until this is over. My thoughts and prayers are with all of our friends on the coast. Please be safe...we need you!!

September 8 : Mandatory evacuation in Marion County for anyone living in a mobile or modular home. (that's us)! There is ONE shelter in the Ocala area that accepts pets in crates with current vaccination records. Our evacuation will take us and the dogs down to the old block kennel that Russ has spent two days getting ready for us. If the generator holds, we should have power for about 5 days. That means we have water and fans (if we are still in the kennel) or air conditioning in the house. We will stay in touch as often as possible.

September 10, 1:42pm : Getting ready to move all of us down to the block kennel that is much safer than this old mobile home. It's going to be a long 24 hours but I promise to let you know how we are. To the rest of our Florida friends and all their pets and greyhounds are in our prayers.

September 11, 5:42am : We're safe! 3 old humans and 6 amazingly good greyhounds (okay 5 greyhounds and 1 honorary greyhound). Damage report and details to follow.

September 12 : Want to let all of our wonderful, generous friends know that we are fine but we have no power (The generator is keeping us in power. Hope we can get another propane delivery on Friday.) We have now lost our landline and internet. I can use my cell phone but find it tedious to type so slowly. We have a contractor coming tomorrow to give us an estimate on what has to be done to make Grey Haven safe for humans and dogs again.

September 14 : The contractor was out today, and he and Russ decided what was an immediate necessity, and what could wait a few days. Leaning trees are coming down first ... everything else will, and can, wait until other emergencies are taken care of. We have at least five trees that either need to come down or have to be trimmed back to make living at Grey Haven safe. Just to let you all know ... we trim trees every year. These are old water oaks and it doesn't take much to knock them over. The biggest issue right now is POWER! We have no idea when power will be restored. We are rationing generator propane to keep us semi-comfortable and saving as much as we can for continued use. We are down to close to 30% remaining fuel, and on the list for a refill, but our wonderful propane people just can't keep up with the demand. Critical customers have to come first. I have no idea what the next few days will bring but continued prayers and donations are what we need. Russell Anderson and I are so very glad to have all of you right there with us. I have to borrow Laze's perfect saying ... LOVEYOUMAN!

September 15 : Quick update on Grey Haven! Our new name is Deterioration Plantation. Has a nice ring to it, doncha think? There is no power restoration in sight! Can't even leave a message most places ,,, still lots of phones out. Our beloved generator is critically ill. We have minimal power in the house and can barely recharge a device as it takes forever. There are three ceiling fans running on one side of the house only ... air conditioning and the well won't work at all. I think we've lost all the food in the fridge. The huge propane tank was checked today and it's fine. Only problem is they forgot to send the fuel truck to refill us. We'll be empty by tomorrow. The generator people have us on the emergency list ... maybe tomorrow? There is also the distinct possibility that we have a severe electrical problem that could be part of the cause of all this fun. It's a bazillion degrees out ... pretty close to that in the house. I drove around for well over an hour today with the air blasting on us and six dogs. Time and gas well spent! Russ is out with all the coolers to get ice. Work day for tomorrow is cancelled. We don't need anyone passing out from the heat. Sure hope your day was better than ours!!

September 16 : Thank you all for the wonderful offers of every sort of help possible! We may very well take you up on some of them but not today. There will be repair people, delivery people here off and on and we all have errands to run. Even after we have fixed the big problems, the clean up project is going to be a long one. Please, please don't send us "stuff". We don't know for sure what we will be needing, except of course $$$ to pay for the repairs and clean up when we know exactly what will be involved. I promise to let you know individually if we need what you've offered. Fingers crossed that we have some answers today. I promise to keep you in the loop when I can recharge all the electronics!

September 17, 11am : After being without any power, air conditioning or water for many days, we are "fixed" thanks to the amazing efforts of TRADEMARK ELECTRIC and YONGUE PROPANE. These kind people were out here twice each yesterday to get us up and running again. We still have no actual power from Clay Electric. Yongue came out twice ... once to change the regulator (which was causing gas to leak) and then again to refill the tank for the second time in less than ten days. The Trademark people not only fixed the generator but they found the electrical issue that basically caused the better part of the shut down. Electricity is not my strong suit but a "leg" in the breaker box had pretty much fried and could have cause a disaster. They went back to the office, found the part, and came back to install it. AND THEN WE HAD WATER, AIR AND MORE PEACE OF MIND THAN WE'VE HAD IN DAYS. We are still waiting for Clay Electric to restore our power and we don't know when that will happen. I never knew a hot shower could feel so good. Thanks to all of you again for your kind and generous donations and for your prayers. We love you for it!