Betty Whitewater


Betty is just as special as her name.  She turns 3 at the beginning of December.  We were extremely surprised to find out she is heartworm positive (we tested twice since we have never had a positive dog come from the track).  She was frail and malnourished as well.  Within two or three weeks of being here she was still wetting in her crate all the time and a urine culture showed a heavy, nasty bacteria.  We have treated with two of the suggested antibiotics and still no change.  She goes to see our internal medicine specialist the week after Thanksgiving for a complete work up.  She has responded well to good food and supplements and we see an improvement in her blood work and her activity level!!  She is a rambunctious little girl who has checked out every corner of the kennel, knows exactly where the cookies are kept and has tried to open a bag of dog food all by herself!  She has an opinion, she loves everyone who comes to visit and has no idea she has some medical problems.

We want this little girl to get better and find a very special home. Would you consider sponsoring her or making a donation so that we can continue to do what's best for her?  I know she would be happy to hear that people care.

Betty found her forever couch!