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Welcome to Grey Haven

 August 2014

3rd Annual Bling-Bling Benefit for GAF now through 8/29!

The Greyhound Movie project is in the works and funding is needed. There will be crowdfunding campaigns in the near future which we’ll announce. Please consider donating. And, please, tell your friends.

The summer issue of Greyt News is here!

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What's Going On at Grey Haven?

After seeing the kennel empty for over a year now, it was so very strange to bring the first two new occupants home. So very many dogs have come and gone and to be honest, I never expected to see the crates occupied again.

I felt a bit like a teenager attending her first prom! Butterflies in my stomach and tears in my eyes. So very, very glad to bring Grey Haven back to life after so many quiet days on the farm. We expected to bring back a boy and a girl right off the track. That changed quickly when we met a lovely little white and fawn girl named Kacie. She’s 8 ½ and has had at least 26 pups. She stood alone in a turn out pen, quietly watching us while her tail slowly wagged back and forth. She had waited long enough. Time to start that journey home. Kacie

I think someone mentioned something about a dog who was just off the track with a broken leg. "Broken leg? Can we see her?” She took one look at Russ, walked over to him and leaned…you know that lean! That was it! Her name is Kimmy and she’s just three. This lovely little girl deserves a chance for a couch. Kimmie

We did a quick stop at the vet for xrays and a new bandage. It was a nasty break…the calcaneus bone was not attached to anything anymore. This needed surgical correction so she joined  Zipper when we went back to the orthopaedic specialist in Orlando.

What’s a little more fundraising when it comes to giving a little red and white girl a future on four good legs?

So I sit here with my camera in my lap, medication and dog treats in hand, ready to go out and do my first kennel turn out in a long, long time. I love new beginnings…..almost as much as I love happy endings.

Welcome to Grey Haven Kimmy and Kacie. Welcome to the beginning of the best journey you will ever take.

Can you help us continue this work? Before the kennel was even open we took in three broken leg dogs….and each of these dogs needed surgery. We have already spent $6000 and I would guess Kimmy will be about $3500. Until someone can explain to me how we can turn our backs on these dogs, we will continue to ask for help. Someone needs to care.







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