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Welcome to Grey Haven

September 2014


We said the saddest of goodbyes to three beautiful greyhounds this week. I guess that in of itself is not unusual for an adoption group that’s been around for almost 20 years, but I have come to realize that those goodbyes never, ever get any easier or less painful. Sometimes I almost think they get harder. We get older, we’ve been through it before, but our hearts still bruise as if each loss was a first. And I can never, ever find the words to console my friends.It hurts me deeply. The sadness is not just because another greyhound is gone, but for the pain I see in the eyes of my friends.

And I think back to the day each of them came to me…. Franklin as a pup with a nasty looking leg, Takoda as a racer with a broken leg and beautiful Kacie as a retired racer, mother of 29 pups and finally ready for retirement. We fix legs, we heal dogs, we make them healthy again and off they go for what we hope is a lifetime of contentment with a special family. They say, “two out of three ain’t bad” but we wanted that for all three of them.

FranklinFranklin lived a happy life, (okay, they called him the pee-pee dog) with Tony and Maureen and heaven’s knows how many other greyhounds, cats and one little thing with long hair! He had lots of yard to run in….lots of walks and places to visit and things to pee on!

TakodaTakoda enjoyed a wonderful life with his cats, small dogs and giant birds! His first meeting with an African Grey Parrot was rather traumatizing for him. The bird was on his perch and Takoda was staring intently. He stretched his neck to check the bird out closely. I was sure he wanted to eat the bird and had a tight hold on his leash (I believe he was also muzzled).As he stretched toward the bird, the bird dropped his head, looked Takoda right in the eye and yelled, “HOW ARE YOU?”. Poor dog never went near a bird again!

KacieKacie was found on a breeding farm and we fell in love immediately. After begging the owner to let us take her, she came home to Grey Haven and we watched her blossom. And sweet….they just don’t come any sweeter. She was adopted by a wonderful man who always takes the older dogs and special needs dogs. He doted on Kacie! It was a match made in Heaven. Sadly she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma early on and never had the years we wanted for her. Three and a half months…that’s all the time she had. She, like the others, leaves behind broken hearts and a host of wonderful memories that will eventually overcome the tears.

So many dogs…..so much love and with each, so very much heartbreak. Maybe it’s right that I cannot even begin to console my friends….maybe my consolation comes when the phone rings and I hear that friend say, “I think I need another greyhound. Do you have anything for me?” And, of course, I do.

And so it goes on….full circle for all of us. Godspeed Franklin, Takoda and Kacie. I know you all are in a better place….and in the very best of company. How lucky we were to have loved you.




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