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 April 2013

Join us on May 3 for an Open House to celebrate the Grand Re-Opening of the Kennel at Grey Haven. View the invite. RSVP by 4/27!

4/8/14 With 13 Yeas and 1 Nay, the Florida Senate Gaming Committee favorably adopted SB 0742 which requires greyhound injury reporting. Florida is currently one of two states that does not require injury reporting. This measure will help save the lives of greyhounds who are still required by current law to race.


April 24-27
16 th Annual Greyhounds in Gettysburg

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It's been a long and difficult year for GAF and me personally.  After close to 20 years of constant activity and pressure to help "just one more greyhound" Greyhound Adoptions of Florida closed it's kennel in the fall of 2012 while I waited to undergo surgery for kidney cancer.  It had been discovered by chance and my surgeon insisted I would have a complete recovery.  Thankfully, he was right.  I still have that kidney, didn't need any chemo or radiation and after a fairly quick recovery, I was ready to go back to work....after all, that's been my routine for an awfully long time!

The beginning of 2013 brought one health issue after another.....lack of consistent help on the farm.....a dwindling volunteer and foster base....it seemed we just couldn't get back in the groove.  We did have a small but continuous stream of greyhounds who needed some special help....wonderful sister-groups (thank you Joan and GPA/Orlando!) who helped us find the perfect dog for so many adopters who were ready and waiting for that special greyhound.  It was strange...but at least we were doing what we all loved....helping greyhounds in need and helping our amazing group of adopters who had a space that needed filling.  It was wonderful, it was heartwarming, we laughed and cried over happy dogs and happy adopters, BUT it wasn't waking up at 5:30 every morning to open the kennel and release a loud, exuberant group of kennel dogs who could not wait to greet the day!  I missed them. I missed watching them evolve from track or farm dog to true couch potatoes in their very own home.  I missed scheduling vet appointments, fundraising, worrying about money, forgetting to order food. I honestly missed it all.

It had to change!

I have just now recovered from hip replacement surgery.  I promised myself to stay stronger and healthier than ever before and finish my job...a job I signed on to do so very many years ago.  So, my friends, here's the plan:  this winter and early spring, Grey Haven will be buzzing with volunteers and workmen and anyone who happens to be in the neighborhood...we have a full kennel to refurbish....turnout yards to fix up....shrubs to put in....a memorial garden to spruce up and be ready for company at the same time we welcome the first of what we hope will be a steady line of new "kids" who will wait till one of you looks into a pair of eyes and just knows this is the dog for you!

So very much work to do to get ready.  But we know what we need to do to be ready. After all, look how long we've been doing just this!!  Will you help us, please?  It's always been "you" who have allowed us to work our magic and fix body and soul on hundreds and hundreds of greyhounds.  You send us "stuff"....you send us gift cards....you send us the best donations of cash in the whole world (always the perfect size and color).  What a wonderful gift it would be to make out one more check to GAF and send it along!!  (most likely deductible on next year's taxes)  I promise to take pictures as we prepare to reopen the kennel.  You can watch the progress as we go forward.  And I also promise a huge party here at Grey Haven when the first greyhounds come to stay.

Please, can you find it in your heart to once again, reach down deep and help our Florida greyhounds find the future that might otherwise be lost?



Happy New Year to all of you from this woman who has found her own future once again thanks to the support so many of you have given.


Greyhound Adoptions of Florida

P.O. Box 955
Sparr, FL 32192



100% of the proceeds will benefit greyhounds in need.
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