Greyhound Adoptions of Florida has directly or indirectly enabled some 5,000 former racing greyhounds to find homes where they are cherished as family members, not money-making commodities. For well over two decades we were Florida's premier greyhound rehoming organization. We were not, are not, nor will we ever be affiliated with the greyhound racing industry.

Our goal now is to educate people on the importance of companion animals in our society and work to stop animal abuse and neglect. Most especially in these gentle, graceful, magnificent dogs we know so well and love.




A Message of Change and Hope ...
from our Co-Founder and President, Marilyn Varnberg

Almost 25 years ago I adopted my very first greyhound, fell in love quickly and never looked back. From my relationship with Sport grew my understanding of the breed and knowledge that dog racing was nothing like the story I had been told.

Greyhound Adoptions of Florida developed into a national adoption/rescue group with the desire to help all greyhounds no matter what their physical and emotional condition. For so very many years we have fought to eliminate this so-called "sport" and end it once and for all. This effort has taken its toll both financially and emotionally on so many of us. The physical toll has grown weightier as the years have passed and we find ourselves now having to face the reality that we can no longer carry on as we have for so many years. The farm is more than we can handle and we have had trouble finding capable help for the last few years.

While we will never give up the fight for all greyhounds everywhere, we will have to take a different road in the future. Grey Haven will no longer have dogs in the kennel. This has been a very difficult decision to make but a realistic one (though I will admit that the thought of never hearing 15 or 20 greyhounds "singing" to the world brings tears to my eyes). Our fight will continue with the political situation both here in Florida and around the world ... it will continue with education on every level. We as a group  will forever push to right the wrongs that have plagued our greyhounds for untold generations. The work will go on till I no longer have a voice or can no longer put my thoughts on paper.

To all of you who have walked this path with me for so many years, my gratitude and my love will always be with you. Together we have made a difference to a huge number of dogs and brought joy to so many families. GAF has been instrumental in helping close to 5,000 greyhounds find a good life. We will continue to work side by side and strive to finish this job that we started a long time ago. I owe you all so much that I'm inviting all of you to help me celebrate my 75th birthday this coming fall. The drinks are on me!

As our new calling comes into sharper focus, updates, information and news will be available on this HOME page and on our Facebook page.

Thanks for being such good friends!



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Co-Founder and President, Marilyn Varnberg


Greyhound Adoptions
of Florida, Inc.
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